Posted by: minz | March 15, 2009

Girls just wanna have fun

So I went to two back-to-back parties with C last week.I must say I’m still recovering. In  times like these, darn, I feel my age! Eeeww. I’m aching all over. Anyhow, it was tons of fun, especially the 2nd one, Prosecutors’ Night.

It started out strangely, too. A couple came up to us while we were having a smoke outside the venue. Chatted us up and won’t leave. To my mind, I was convinced: Someone here is after C, but who? Can it be the girl (My gaydar is always up, mind you) or could it be the guy? (he was cute, too. Tall, dark , my type.hihihi ) But weren’t they a couple? Hmmm. Before I can come up with an answer, an older man walked up to us. He turned out to be Fiscal so-and-so, and he was the couple’s benefactor HAHA. So he was THE ONE. Except that he was heck of puny for C which prompted the two of us to exchange “let’s get out of here” looks! As it turned out, Fiscal So-and-so was in a date with one of our sisses in the party. That, notwithstanding, he had the nerve to make a play at C! D.O.M! hmpf!

Dancing the night away!

Dancing the night away!

After extricating ourselves from the Fiscal and his crew, we went back inside the party and caught up with good,old Jose, our drink of choice  for the night. I hardly drink beer any more, finding it tough to carry the bloated feeling, not to mention the calories,  around. Anyhow, while chugging shots of tequila, guess who made an entrance?

Hell-o Papa Jom!

Hell-o Papa Jom!

None other than the newly-single Jomari Yllana! I’ve always liked him since his gwaping days. He was even more guapo in person. Nevermind that we were in a room full of laywers, our inner “showbiz” prevailed. We had our pictures taken and asked him to dance after. But he didn’t oblige our second request–maybe he’s still getting over Pops! HA! We were star-struck, regardless!

Later on, I  told C I missed our night-outs like these. Work and mommy duties do take a toll in sqeezing some in my schedule which is why I appreciate it whenever I get the chance to unwind with the girls. Now I’m looking forward to the next one, hopefully sooner rather than later.


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