Posted by: minz | March 17, 2009

Flowers expressed

Yesterday, I spontaneously thought of sending someone flowers.  Whilst surfing the net for a flower shop that can make efficient delivery, I realized I had never sent flowers to anybody before (not through delivery, at least)  and that the experience is …nice. I chanced upon Flowers Express ‘ website and was amazed at the gallery of goodies they have in there. And the website is easy to navigate, too. Aside from the usual bouquets of roses, they have spring flowers, anthuriums, lilacs.They even have cakes, stuff toys, wine and food baskets available for delivery. Isn’t that heavenly? Just by one phone call, you can make someone’s day.

You may place your order on-line or by phone. I’m more comfortable having someone assist me personally rather than wonder about the little things on-line and not get any answers. So I made a quick call to the shop and I was assisted promptly by Eileen. I wanted a mixture of carnations, blue buttons and roses statices instead of the usual red, white or pink roses. She pointed me to this, the Cool Blues. Aren’t they pretty?

I also asked for a stuffy bear to go with the flowers. After giving her the delivery details, I dictated my message which they will have computer-printed. Voila! Flowers are DELIVERED! (will be delivered actually.) I didn’t even break a sweat.

On the downside, you don’t get to see the look on the recipient’s face the moment he/she is surprised by the surprise! But I know, in my case, it doesn’t matter. Like I said, I just felt like doing it so I did. I told Eileen that I don’t mind not receiving confirmation of the delivery. From where I am, it’s all good. It’s off my chest. For all intents and purposes, message is sent.



  1. para sa akin???? hahaha!
    kung kanino mo man pinadala, am sure lumaki ang mata niya… then ngumiti ng pa-cute. miss you mama!!

  2. miss you mama! hahahha! batiin mo best mo sa 22, bday nya! date kme bukas!

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