Posted by: minz | March 18, 2009

5 things to be happy about

1. Summertime. Notwithstanding the heat, traffic somehow eases up with students hitting the beach rather than the highways!


2.Former employees selling underwear, bags and even balut in the office. For people like me who don’t even have time to buy new bras, they are heaven-sent! 🙂


3. Flowers Express. Really, one should give it a try. Their people (and products) are exceptional.


4. Friends like B who turn out to be prophetic. She’s right. Friends who ditch friends for a lovelife find their way back. It’s just too bad that people like me find it hard to , you, know Jai Ho? “Choose love, choose love,choose love.”


5. Blessings. Infinite blessings that Santi and I receive. Thank you, Bro.  


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