Posted by: minz | March 21, 2009

My money is on Danny

Owing to my blind devotion to Tayong Dalawa (the best telenovela since Meteor Garden in my book!), my social life has suffered and so has my American Idol fix. Unlike in the past seasons when I followed the show from the state auditions to Hollywood and finally the Top 12, this year found me clueless as to who made the Top 12. I do get to catch slivers of it but because its time slot clashes with TD, I’m constrained to make some kind of Solomonic choice and I invariably choose the latter.Waah.

Despite my lack of exposure, I  (as with the rest of the universe who watch this show) am entitled to at least one favorite. And mine is Danny Gokey!

I was able to watch his state audition and I must admit there was a certain something about him that stirred the “performer” in me. He sings from the heart (that sounds so Paula-ish but hey it’s true). Anyone who has ever held the mic would know that you can’t sing if you can’t feel. I wasn’t at all surprised when his  back-story was revealed: his wife died  a few weeks before his audition which explained why he always looked like he’s going to break down every time he’s onstage. Apres ca, he was unabashedly criticized for using his sob story to make it to the next rounds and on to the Top 12. My take is that, why don’t everyone try to lose a loved-one and attempt to sing in national television songs like “Hero” and “Jesus Take the Wheel”? We’ll see who’s tough then!

Plus, Danny answers questions about his wife when asked. What is wrong about that? Would people rather have him say, “She’s dead now so I have no comment.”? Jeez.

At any rate, you can’t put a good man with “mad talent” (as Randy would say) down. So Go  Danny! I’m rooting for you!


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