Posted by: minz | March 22, 2009

From one form of “shooting” to another

After a couple more visits to the firing range and the inability to hit any of the target plates (as in not a single one), it is time to admit that my foray to shooting has ended quite abruptly. That’s not to say that I’ve given up on it totally. More of I’m inclined to simply tag along with Santi (who’s showing a lot of promise) and our friends to our “range dates”. I realized that I have more fun tinkering with my camera and taking their pictures than going on deck and firing at things I can’t even see! Seriously, that sport favors those with 20-20 vision and discriminates against almost-legally-blind people like me. Bah. At least, my camera doesn’t discriminate and I get to play with it anytime and anywhere.I guess I’m better off  doing a different kind of “shooting” . Pictures instead of bullets:P

Speaking of which and given that I am again rendered hobby-less, I’m contemplating on taking up photography lessons for beginners this summer. I got to chat with one of C’s photographer friends last week and he gave me a 15-minute lesson on the basics and I was mesmerized. One of the things he taught me was that he started taking photography seriously when he had his first child and I can so relate. I never really liked taking pictures (especially mine) and it was only when Sofia was born that I sort of thought how nice it would if I could chronicle her life in pictures. I was convinced that I’ve done a pretty passable job so far.However, my “pretty passable job” turned out to be a tad inaccurate, if not an illusion! That chat with C’s friend confronted me with the fact that I didn’t know the first thing about  photography! For one, I was completely unaware that I had to use the Kids/Pets application in shooting Sofia precisely because she moves too fast and I need a quicker shutter to capture her moments.I kept that advice in mind and tried it out over the week-end on  or usual Saturday MOA trips. The results were much better. Astonishing, really. No more blurry photos. Yey!




Aren’t they pretty? At least, I think they are for a beginner like me. And it helps to have an over-zealous subject who feels she’s God’s gift to all digital cameras. HA!

For now, I just have to wait and see where this affair with the Canon leads me. Say cheese!


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