Posted by: minz | March 24, 2009

I am , for the nth time, a mighty proud wife

After five long years of waiting, Santi finally made junior partner.I want to hug and kiss him until he tells me to stop. I’m so happy that I feel my aorta will burst any minute.

Nowadays, that is not such a big of a deal since any lawyer, reputable or otherwise, who has the guts and the money to put up a firm may very well do so and call himself a partner.

That’s not the case with my husband and his firm. Not even close. He started out as a paralegal, passed the bar, became an associate, indiscriminately worked long hours until he was made senior associate. He then hit a brick wall for two years because his bosses were too caught up warring with each other to notice that he turned nights into days slaving away on cases twice his normal load. Yesterday, one of them gave up and left the office. If that was the way my husband would go up the ladder then so be it. It doesn’t change the fact that he earned it. Oh yes he did!

Proud is putting it mildly. I am jubilant. And lucky to be with such a good man who inspires patience and hard work. If I can only be half the lawyer that he is, I will be just fine.

Congratulations bobi! My aorta loves you! You are the man.



  1. Ate, sino sa dalawa umalis? I’m so happy and proud of papa santi! sabihin mo, tuwang-tuwa anak nya dito sa tate! miss you! mwahmwahmwah! 🙂

  2. Hallo ate!!!

    thank you, kahit hari ng dedma sya, masaya pa den ako. Si grand umalis, pumunta jan ngaun at magbabar jan!

    Miss you ate! Malaki na ata ung anak nya, dalaga na hahah!

  3. it’s a nice feeling to be proud of someone that we love …… now you describe the sincere meaning of the word proud sis. congrats ulit ke bitoy

  4. thanks ate! Actually,most days I feel i don’t deserve him. Kaya luck me tlag!

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