Posted by: minz | March 29, 2009

barely breathing

Beats me how I managed to squeeze in some blogtime after that hell of a month I just had. Whew. Two terminations and 7 suspensions sucked the blood out of me. Oh and the two terms I gave out all filed for illegal dismissal. Yey. File away, suckers. Those recommendations cost me my Bangkok vacay and  Sofia’s graduation. If only for that, I will fight tooth and nail for them to be sustained in court. Just you wait.

Gad. I’m in the foulest of moods that I can’t seem to think straight. This morning, Sofia threw a tantrum very early in the morning and I failed to control my temper. I threw the Mcflurry that I was eating at her direction (not at her) and Santi , of course, reacted rather violently. He said I should have just butt-spanked her (which I never do) instead of throwing the darn ice cream her way like that. And I knew he had a point, I was just to tired to admit I was wrong. I refuse to make work as an excuse but what else could it be?

Since I still don’t have leave credits for use this Holy week, I’m slated to hit the office while everyone else will be basking under the sun in Boracay or Subic. Sigh.And it’s not just me. Santi could use a week’s rest. From the time he was “promoted”, he hasn’t even found time to get a haircut!

Aside from the  woeful state of my work schedule, there’s really no point to this entry. People  get tired. Employees get tired. I am a Mummy and an employee. Double tired that makes me. Before Monday comes around yet again, I made sure that our ill-fated Bangkok trip gets a do-over. To Macau, this time and on my birthday. The parentals are tagging along to celebrate their anniversary. We’ve never been to Macau and we’re excited to experience  the ‘Vegas vibe it is known for.

For my part, I just want some rest. Goodness knows I need it.


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