Posted by: minz | April 2, 2009

Reasonably expectant

Santi and I are taking Friday night off to be with our barrister friends on the day that will find their lives inevitably changed. Whether it will be an exultant welcome to our very own profession or not, it doesn’t really matter. Their lives will change nonetheless.  Bar exam results have a nasty habit of doing exactly that. After six months of torturous,sleepless nights, barristers finally get their closure. At least some do. Those who pass get to move on and embark on this  journey  of lawyer-hood. Some who weren’t too fortunate either decide to take it again or move on forward to another calling. Had it been me who did not find my name in the list three years ago when my results came out, I’d have, most definitely, tried my luck on being a rock star instead. HA! Seriously speaking though,  I’ve known ever since that I didn’t have the character to rise above a disappointment like that by taking it again. This the good Lord knew which is why, as a gift to my wonderful parents, He saved them from heartache made sure that my name is on that wretched list. (Topman sure loves Boy P. and Elvie : P)

This time around, I have a friend or two who are , as I write, getting insanely drunk as a way to cope with the stress of knowing in 24 hours if their name is written in stars. As for me, I firmly believe that while there are a million and one reasons how one can pass the bar, I only know of three, simple ways how one can flunk it. He/she lacked preparation, prayers and the brains for it. That’s all there is to it.Note that karma is not in my list because if that is the case, half of us in the roll shouldn’t be there at all. With myself as the topnotcher.

Sometimes people find it easier to accept that they flunked because “nakarma sila” instead of admitting that they didn’t study enough, forgot to pray  or worse,boba tlga sila e. They just didn’t have the grey cells for it. Having said that, friends like us who are rooting for our own to pass the exam should have reasonable expectations given that we are familiar with their strengths and weaknesses. After ten years of being front and center in the “support the barristers” department, I think I have perfected the art of “reasonably expecting”, even with my friends. I guess tomorrow shall find reasonably but positively expectant! Goodluck, guys!!!!!

As an aside, my sister will be starting law school this June and I feel strangely excited. More than I have ever been for myself. I’m working on taming these feelings considering that she has a long way to go and no one knows for sure if she will even like it.Nevertheless, it’s fair to say that in four years I will be a “reasonably expectant” sister!   HA!  Maybe I should start being “wonderful”  for Topman to notice. Goodluck to me!



  1. Ate, I am praying… praying… praying.. Sana malakas ako ke Lord. 🙂

    Agree ako sayo, wala sa listahan ang karma. proven and tested nating tatlo yun. 😉

    Goodluck sa mga barrista natin. Tensionada na akech! 🙂

  2. hahaha i know ate, kung naipapahiram lang ang lakas!

    mas tensyonada ka pa ata sa nag bar, anyway it’s written in the stars, pag kanya, kanya. That’s it.

    Take it easy! try to call us tomorrow!

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