Posted by: minz | April 4, 2009


The bar results didn’t turn out as well as we hoped. I sat next to a sorority sister when she found out that her name wasn’ t on the list. I heard her heart break into a million pieces. What is there to say in face of that?

In that moment I wished that the workings of karma is true. That if you own a good heart, good things happen to you. Or that if you need something more than another person does, it should belong to you. Why can’t it  be that way? As I was going through the list last night, I wanted to randomly pluck out names and replace them with those of some people I knew deserved it more.  But as Santi tritely declared, it wouldn’t be every law student’s greatest equalizer if it was “fair” in that sense.

Oddly enough ,there were also some names (who, in another lifetime, mattered to me) missing in that list that I didn’t even notice at once. It took me a good three hours to realize that they were M.I.A. I echo C’s reaction, “oh well.”   Should I feel bad that their failure didn’t even so much as move a single hair on me? Applying  Santi’s theory, they simply got equalized. In that case, I choose to nonchalantly remain unperturbed. Sorry na lang siguro.

Before  I left Kate, my sorority sister,for the night to lick her wounds, I just had to to tell her this: Get up, move on and do it all over again. That’s what warriors do. And we , in this profession, are that exactly.



  1. OMG, ate! my heart broke a million times, too, when I saw the list. A lot of people I prayed for are missing. Especially our friend S, and my friend I, who both took it for the 4th time. God knows I prayed for them every single night.. every single Sunday in church… But then, maybe He has better plans for them. 😦

    I was planning to call you that night, but after I realized that a lot of people weren’t on the list, and you were probably with most of them, I just figured that it wasn’t the best time to call. I wouldn’t have known what to say.

    I’m sad… 😦 My heart just goes out to them.

  2. Ate!

    It was devastating. Two straight years that it has been this way! I was with Kate lang, buti na lang kse I’m not sure of I could handle it if I was with S!!!! I didn’t even know how to text her after. I dont know what’s wrong. Are the examiners getting smarter or the examinees getting weaker?

    Kainis. I can’t get over it!

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