Posted by: minz | April 8, 2009

A pre-lenten sojourn to Talim Island

Because my fingers ached from dialing (in vain) numbers of resorts we could spend the Holy Week in, I gave up and decided to hie off the week-end before it instead. Good thing I have aunts who are as footloose as me who happen to know “secret” places out of the city where we could all relax in peace, away from the maddening crowd in Manila. Last week-end found us in Talim Island (now called Wonder Island)  in Calamba, Laguna which is that kind of place. For one, it’s an island located right at the heart of Laguna de Bay and the only way one can access it is through ferry. As such, only pre-scheduled visitors are transported from the mini-pier to the island. Coming from my parents’ house in Alabang, it was only an hour’s drive to Calamba. The ferry trip took all of 15 minutes then voila! We are at the “wondrous” Wonder Island!


With its six pools, there was space for everyone to waddle in. According to its owner, Mr. Pua, the water comes straight from a spring  dug a  hundred feet under. Neat. The water was warm and refreshing. Sofia jumped into it as soon as we stepped foot on the island.There was no stopping our very own Akiko Thompson (her dad calls her Akiki!)


I took pictures before getting into the one of the pools. Glorious. I could feel the tiredness coming out of my worn-out, overworked body. A few hours later,  I also felt pangs of hunger. HA!

My family loves to eat and eat a lot. Keeping this in mind, our package included meals. While it was no fine-dining, the food was hot and filling. Good enough for me. Plus, I had my eye at the videoke sitting next to our table, waiting for a show! After the sumptuous dinner of adobo and sinigang, we all took our turns with the mic and sang all night.

In the morning, we headed out for a breakfast cruise around the island. While taking in the magnificent view of Mount Makiling, we feasted on fried rice, longganisa, tinapa, hotdogs and itlog na maalat. Yummy!



All in all,Talim Island is a must-see, especially for those who love  spring water, pools and videoke (like me!). It won’t set you back too much, too. The packages are very reasonable and Mr. Pua is such a nice and accommodating host. Tara na sa Talim, friends! Let’s go!


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