Posted by: minz | April 8, 2009

Gunning for 27

Due to the catastrophic bar-exams weekend I endured, I wasn’t able to catch the Yankees’ first regular season game against Philadelphia (which they won, Yey!) and the three other games that followed.

 My beloved Bombers now hold a 3-1 card with a full five months of the season ahead. Our skipper Joe Girardi is hopeful of playing October baseball this time. Last year wasn’t very pretty. In fact, they sucked. They missed the playoffs for the first time in 13 years and that was just a bitter pill to swallow for a die-hard fan like me. (At least Philadelphia won the World Series, if it was Boston I swear I’d consider harakiri!)

At any rate, this season is a whole new ballgame and as Joe wears on his back, we are gunning for 27! Yup, the Yankees are the only sports organization in the history of man that has accumulated 26 championships in all! Take that, Sox! And I will watch in bated breath as  Derek Jeter leads this team to its 27th World Series!

For some reason, the number 27 holds a special meaning for me. For one, it will always remind me of New York and my brief time in the city. My parents and I lived at 27-J Waterside, beside the East River where , everytime the clock struck six, my Dad and I would turn to the YES channel and watch our Yankees for the next three hours. We did that every single day which made Mom absolutely livid:)

In the morning, I took the M-16 to 34th Street to catch the Path train to Jersey, where I worked at the 27th floor of the Newark Building.

Sigh. I miss NYC and my Yankees!

For now, ESPN will have to do! Vamos Yankees, Vamos!!!!


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