Posted by: minz | April 8, 2009

Just a quick hello from someyougiveaway!


After two years of blogging (and reading other friends’ blogs), I’d like to think I have incorporated in my nook here something unique to someyougiveaway.  Just as Dinna has her 5 things to be happy about (which I adopted with permission) , I think I have inadvertently created mine. Someyougiveaway readers’ shout outs!

I started “saying hello” to my readers a few months ago in my entries. If for example, there is something about the subject that I was writing reminded me of a certain blogfriend or reader, I posted a quick hello. I think it’s a good way to connect to one’s audience. Although, I’ve said this before, I essentially blog for my daughter (so that when I’m nothing but a pile of dust, she will come to know her mother.) Still, it’s nice to be able to elicit reactions from readers all over the world. It gives me a quiet satisfation that some souls find themselves in serendipity with mine.

However, I can only greet personally those who have either commented on my entries or privately messaged me . For the others who choose to read in silence, I thank you all anyway. In fact, I’d like to say hello to you as well. Using my stats page as a guide, here goes!

To my regular lurker from Hongkong, hello! Though I might have an identity as to who you might be, I can’t be sure. But thanks for the visits, you are number 2 in my hit list:)

 To the one from Qatar. Must be really hot out there. Anyway, shukran! (My Arabic is pretty rusty) Happy reading!

To the one from Toronto: Now, that is one cold, place! Enjoy reading about the heat that lives with us here in Manila!

To the ones: in Mountain View, Los Angeles,   California, Brooklyn, New York, Reston Virginia, and Washington DC: Hi , friends! I say so because I’m quite sure that is who you are:P 

Someyougiveaway thanks you all. It has been a rewarding two years and a truly fruitful endeavour because you have stuck around.



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