Posted by: minz | April 17, 2009

Human experience tells me he did not do it

Once in a while one wakes up to unnerving news that lingers in the consciousness all day. Santi and I wake up to one such day today hearing about newscaster Ted Failon’s wife found inside their bathroom with a gunshot in her head. Being a fan of Ted (along with millions of Pinoys who follow him on TV Patrol and DZMM), we were shocked beyond belief. It’s akin to hearing that a  friend’s or a relative’s wife was shot. That is how close to home it hit because it happened to someone we welcome into our home everyday. We feel that he’s family very much like how Oprah is to Americans.  Even more unnerving is the fact that he now appears to be the primary suspect to the shooting that eventually took his wife’s life.

Ted the newscaster is now Ted the news.

Although many factors point to a suicide, (the wife’s sister stated that she (Ted’s wife) had a financial problem she could not bear to tell Ted), the police has not ruled out foul play. In fact, the high and mighty, not to mention human rights violator,  Quezon City Police Department has already arrested half of Ted’s family members for “obstruction of justice” for cleaning up the scene of the crime. In my opinion, they have no direct evidence to support a parricide case against Ted which is why they find every possible and inhumane way to harass him with all of these trumped-up charges. Nakakahiya kayo , QCPD! Kayo ang kriminal!

As for me, I’d like to my take-off my lawyer’s coat for a while and be nothing but a Mom and a wife. In my heart, I believe that she took her own life. The “sorry note” she wrote to Ted, the goodbye texts she sent to her siblings, the financial woes she’d been intimating to her family all point to this. Human experience tells me that sometimes people come into the wrong conclusions and decide that ending their lives is the only way to go. That’s what Ted’s wife did and I feel nothing but sadness and… disgust.

How can a wife do that to a husband who has slaved away for twenty-five years to raise the family? Memories of Ted crying painful tears saying, “Kung pera lang yan, kikitain ko yan. Mommy, nanggaling tayo sa wala.” (If it’s just money, I will earn it. We came from nothing.)”  flash by. He’s right. It’s just money. Something that most of us don’t have nowadays. What could have made her think she got it worst? Not even those wives who cheated and lied to their husbands have the right to leave their husbands that way, in that kind of a mess where they might be made to answer for a crime they did not commit. Much less in  this case, she did not the right to decide to take her own life and bring Ted’s along with it. She ruined the man and left him in pieces. That is the crime.

The children. My God, the children. How can one expect a 12-year old to grapple with the fact that her mother shot herself  inside her bathroom? And that now her father is the prime suspect? And that she might be motherless and fatherless in a blink of an eye? And yes, how does a child wrap around her head that her mother didn’t think she had anything more to live for.

It’s selfish, utterly and grossly selfish. I’m sure the God she knows will judge her kinder than I do but I can’t help it.

Ina ba siya?  Matatawag ba syang ina? I don’t know how a soul can rest in peace after that.  God have mercy on yours, Mrs. Failon.

For you Ted, He doesn’t give us burden that we can’t carry. And you got millions to carry it with you. Stay strong and keep the faith.

And to the QCPD, fuck you assholes. Burn in hell.



  1. Lets us be careful and avoid drastic conclusions and blames..its a family issue and a national issue as well. We dont want to see an innocent man ended up in jail and his reputation and life shattered. And we dont want to see a criminal at large and still act as nothing happened and still run for a public office either.

    • Hello there, therealstag, I don’t know who you are, but let me just react to that.

      Precisely, since it is not just a family issue but a national issue, as well, that we render our opinions, give our reactions, and relate the incident to our own lives. No offense, but aren’t we all judgmental in one way or another? I think the worst thing to do is to refuse to make a stand to avoid being labelled judgmental and then adopt a holier-than-thou attitude which in reality is just a mask to cover your indifference because it doesn’t concern you nor involve anyone close to you.

      I think in this world of apathy, there is great comfort when, in the midst of your struggle, a stranger tells you that you are not alone and that they feel your grief, too. There are issues and then there are issues. You may be wrong for taking one side or the other, but even more shameful if you wallow in a limbo.

    • Hi therealstag! Just like Coeli, I don’t know you either, but I just want you to know my take on the matter.

      I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this write up. This is a blog. A tool to air one’s opinion. It’s precisely the reason why I like blog hopping… because I want to know what others are thinking. But I know that at the end of the day, whether or not I would be swayed by the writer’s opinion, would entirely depend on me. One just has to be objective enough to filter all the information, and choose which one he/she would retain.

      Just like Ms. California, notwithstanding the fact that a lot of people don’t agree with her stand, she still retains her crown…. because whether we admit it or not, she did nothing wrong but exercise the First Amendment.

      • Hah! I think we just got him tongue-tied there, gracie. And I sooo agree with your point. Cheers to Mina’s blogs! Keep at it, best!

  2. Hello therealstag,

    It is not so much as allowing a criminal at large to go scot-free because Ted, for all intents and purposes, is not at large. In fact, QCPD can arrest him anytime they want to but they don’t precisely because the man has submitted himself to their jurisdiction and they, in turn, have no effective warrant.

    Secondly, I am flabbergasted (as with the rest of the nation) by the manner QCPD arrested the rest of the family. In my world, when police effect warrantless arrests inhumanely, dragging the suspects by their hair and without reading to them their rights, that is a violation of our Constitution.

    Having said that, who is the criminal now?

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