Posted by: minz | April 21, 2009

She dreamed a dream

Lately, our news in this part of the world are littered with deaths,  Abu-Sayyaf, police brutality that it seemed like one will suffer from a stroke by the time he gets to the editorial section. This is why news of 47-year old virgin, Susan Boyle ,who sang like an angel in Britain’ Got Talent, comes as a whiff  of fresh air. She was given up for a William Hung when she gave a spine-shilling rendition of “I dream a dream” that gave Lea Salonga a run for her Tony. Susan Boyle is now the toast of London!

She probably wouldn’t have caused such a stir if the audience and the judges didn’t underestimate her. No sooner than she had stepped on the stage, they were already gawking and giggling at her plump face and shapeless dress. I guess they forgot that it was a SINGING contest and not Ms. United Kingdom. That’s the thing about singing contests nowadays. People look for a pretty face before anything else which is a tad unfair if not totally absurd. Take for instance Susan’s case. Simon (oh Simon you are a meanie!) asked her pointblank why it hadn’t worked for her so far as singer. That question already presupposed that she had already previously attempted and failed. How I enjoyed looking at Simon’s awestruck face when Susan belted out the first few lines of the song. He looked like he swallowed a cat!

Seriously speaking, Susan Boyle is , for me, not just a revelation but a triumph of the spirit. A testament to the truth that one can dream a dream and live to see it come true. Cheers to you, Susan Boyle! Keep on singing! Keep on shining. In Ashton Kutcher’s words, you got ’em punked!:)


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