Posted by: minz | April 22, 2009

5 things to be happy about

1. for being fast, accessible and best of all a  FREE advertisement website. I might just have found a driver for myself and Sofia. Yey!


2. Kingscorn. One should try their sweet corn. All of their goodies actually. From corn on the cob, corn on  a cup, butter/cheese popcorn and caramelized popcorn, they are to-die for. Plus, they are budget friendly, good for every Juan:)


3. Summer activity schools for toddlers. Whether it be swimming lessons, ballet, theater or taekwondo, parents like us who want our children to slowly find their “niche” can’t be more thankful for summer schools that offer fun and creative activities they can enjoy before school starts.


4. Badong, my DVD supplier. I can get so busy that sneaking in a movie with hubby anywhere in my schedule becomes almost an impossibility. Badong saves the day and keeps us updated with the latest releases.


5. A smart and inquisitive daughter. Really, I’m a stage-mother but I try my darnedest best to remain modest as regards Sofia’s activities. But I can’t help but say that, with her never-ending “why” questions, she’s more than ready for pre-school. And don’t they always say that everything we need to know we come to learn in kindergarten. Yes, I’m a happy Mom:)


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