Posted by: minz | April 28, 2009

Itching for the week-end, month-end, work-end!

Without a specter of a doubt, this has got to be the busiest I’ve ever been, work-wise. On my wall is a corkboard that carries in red ink all my fabulous deadlines and all I ever do lately is stare at it. As if that will magically produce the pleadings I need for filing. Agh.

On the home-front, Sofia’s yaya is on a two-week leave which entailed our temporary move to my parents’ place ( “big house” as Sofia calls it). Though it doubles our travel time to and from the office, I love being home and eating home-cooked food, as oppose to eating out every night that Santi and I are constrained to  do because we don’t have a cook.( And I can’t cook to save my life, much less my husband’s. Poor boy.) We will cap the week off with a much needed R&R in Calatagan, our family’s default week-end haven. The labor lawyer will escape on labor day and that’s that.

As I write, I just noticed that my black stilettos don’t exactly match with my brown pants and blouse. How’s that for stress? Oh,  aside from my day job, I’m also in the middle of planning a trip with friends which doesn’t look like it will materialize given that some friends are not “friendly” with each other. Boo-hoo. So much for trying to make the world a better place. Mina has to try a bit harder.

And that’s ME NOWADAYS in three paragraphs.  I don’t like my hurried self too much. Sigh.



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