Posted by: minz | April 30, 2009

Giving Michael Phelps a run for his money

For this summer, Santi and I enrolled Sofia in a swim school for toddlers. I was vacillating between this and Trumpets’ children’s theater but decided that she might be too young and flighty for the latter. Besides, she seems to like water like we do which probably sealed the deal for our Nemo wanna-be. After two weeks of chlorine and Mister Sun, however, she’s now sun-burnt beyond recognition. Nognog na!

sofia swim

I’m not complaining, though. Just stating a fact. The most important thing for me is that she gets into sports early, any sport for that matter.   Last summer, she gave soccer lessons a go but quickly realized that it wasn’t for her. More like she didn’t get why she needed to kick the ball when all she wanted is to pick it up and throw it away. It took one session and it was adios soccer lessons!

iya swim 2

So far, swim lessons are faring  much better. Will I be the next Debbie Phelps? That remains to be seen. Right now, stage-mom will do.

iya swim 3


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