Posted by: minz | May 4, 2009

Our Pride that is Manny

When Manny knocked down his opponent for the final time in the second round, I thought the man was going to die. I felt hair on my body stand up as I watched him go down and stay down, eyes glazed. “Out cold” couldn’t be more apt to describe what had befallen Ricky Hatton. After a few nerve-wracking minutes wondering if Manny had committed homicide in a foreign land, Hatton stood up, walked slowly and cried quietly in his corner.

Me? I jumped, screamed and cursed all at the same time. What joy! What pride our man, “Manny” gives to us Filipinos. Reminiscent of Brad Pitt’s Achilles in the movie Troy, I proudly posted in my facebook status, “IS THERE NO ONE ELSE?” Because really, what else should Manny Pacquiao do for everyone in the boxing world to believe that he is the greatest fighter of our time?

Note that I carefully referred to his “greatness” in the “boxing world”  in deference to our kababayanswho , sadly, see fit to criticize Manny’s predeliction to politics every time he wins a fight.  I share their sentiment. Manny is for boxing as Mc Hammer is for rap. He should not dabble with the dirt and grime of Filipino politics. And for lack of sincere advisers, he does. But give this man a break. When he wins in the boxing ring, his turf, his kingdom,  the glory is ours. Not just Gloria’s , Singson’s, Noli or whoever it is that is seen beside him in his latest photo-op.  Ours.

Don’t put him down.

And don’t bet against him, too! I have a friend or two who serially bet on Manny’s opponents either to make a quick buck or root for the underdog. Either way, I can’t imagine how it works out for them. Would they cheer if Manny was knocked out? Would winning, say, 10,000 pesos  be a considerable boost in the bank account? I don’t get it and probably never will.    

 For my part,  I  have had the satisfation, thus far, of letting out the sweetest, “I told you so!” everytime Manny clinically disposes of the opponent. That is my prize. Worth every cent of  the 850 pesos I spend to watch him fight in pay-per-view.

Pride is priceless, you know

Mabuhay ka Manny! Mabuhay ang Pinoy!




  1. YAH!!!! im proud to be a filipino.

    Im also very thankful that manny won!

  2. pag tumaya daw kasi sila sa kalaban, win-win situation sila…kahit ano mamngyari, masaya pa rin sila. Pag nanalo si Manny, ok..pag natalo si Manny, at least, nanalo naman sila sa pustahan…hahaha!

  3. still ate that’s like betting against themselves! No logic whatsoever. Let’s all be poor but happy! GO MANNY:)

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