Posted by: minz | May 10, 2009

Have we met?

I was riding with my sister the other day when she had Sara Bareilles on her ipod. I haven’t had the time to turn the radio on lately and the last Sara that fell under my radar was surnamed Mclaughlan. Just goes to show how jurassic I probably sounded to my younger sibling and her very current tastes in music. Anyhow, all I want to say is this:

I want to meet Sara Bareilles.

I want to ask her if she writes her songs in a puddle of regret and mistakes.

Or if she knew that they are all painfully hard to listen to.

Lastly, I wanna ask her if , by any chance, we bumped into each other in a path train to Jersey or in Starbucks at 23rd street.

I want to know if she met me.



  1. You’re right, minz. Kanta ko nga yung pangalawa. “If only I’d been listening..”

  2. I think she met me, too.

  3. panalo sya ate. I love her! Burn me a cd! She’s pain on piano.

  4. nice!!

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