Posted by: minz | May 12, 2009

Snapped out of it! Yey.

After an almost self-destructing week lounging in it, I finally snapped out of the doldrums. I realized that my second life motto (the 1st being some you give away) can never go wrong so I reminded myself with it. I can’t always help what I feel but I sure can help what I do. So feel all I want, nothing wrong with that. Besides, no one has ever been put to jail for feeling bad, sad or murderous. It’s putting into action these feelings that brings one into trouble.

So enough of that.  I’m back to earth, right smack in the middle of May preparing for Sofia’s entry to big school. She will have her uniform-fitting this week and I’ve never been more excited as a Mom than I am now. This is probably the highlight of mummyhood for me, so far. My daughter is about to embark on a journey that will mark the beginning of her future. I’m so happy that the thought of her first day in school makes me want to cry. And I’m just as proud of myself and Santi for pulling this off, considering we were but a couple of wanderers in law school a few years back. Now, we are sending a three-year old to school, obsessing on uniforms, books, stickers and PTAs as if our very existence depended on it.

This is the thing about parenthood that I’m thankful for. Just when you think everything is a complete mess, and you’ve the right to be juvenile, it just as soon pulls you back to reality. I can’t imagine anymore how it would be like if I were once again single, childless and self-absorbed, having the grandest time worrying about myself. Very unhealthy.

That reminds me, I’m off to the gym. The next-best stress-buster after parenting for me. Life is good. Still. Always.


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