Posted by: minz | May 15, 2009

Eating my heart out

It’s quarter before one and here I am enjoying my lunch. Country Style’s hot chocolate and chocolate chipped muffin. Yum.

I am a foodie and I make no bones about it. I’d be more willing to spend hours in the gym precisely because I detest any kind of dieting. So I gym and I eat:P I think that best defines the word “compromise”. HA!

Having said that, I also have weird eating habits that only my Mom understands.

I can’t eat the same food everyday. If I had rice yesterday, it has to be pancit canton or something like that today. And I can live strictly on dimsum. Chinese food is number two on my list, Italian being number one. So in any given day, I’d pick siomai or pasta over kanin and ulam. This is the reason why I hardly have lunchdates with officemates. Remember that I’m surrounded with men in my workplace and anything that can’t be eaten with rice is not food for them. If I compete with their appetites for rice, I’d gain 200 pounds easy. Also, I haven’t met a man who likes pasta or pizza and think of  it as  a meal and not as merienda. Santi surely doesn’t. That man wolfs down a Big Mac and still asks, “What’s for dinner?”. I, on the other hand, can’t remember the last time I had a Big Mac!

Obviously, my husband  does not share my peculiar tastes in food, let alone my eating habits. For one, I love eating alone. I find it therapeutic and liberating. I order what I want, in proportions that I’m comfortable with and just enjoy every bite. But I also have the funnest time chowing with Santi because he eats absolutely anything!

Other times, I eat while walking around the mall. Sweet corn, empanada or isaw can constitute lunch or dinner for me. Today is muffin day. Heavenly. I was tempted to indulge the pay-day sale going in Galleria while finishing this sinful thing when I suddenly felt the itch to blog.

I just thought it’s time I write about this strange but utterly satisfying passion of mine. What’s yours?:)



  1. Pareho tayo…BASURA ang kinakain! Pizza, pasta, siomai, Jamaican patties.. anything but RICE! Happy Eating!

  2. I know mama! So what? walang pakialaman haha! kaya nga tayo fwends e, weirdax tayo!

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