Posted by: minz | May 17, 2009

My little mermaid

Yesterday, Sofia graduated from swim school. For the first time since she started taking lessons a month and a half ago, we never saw her swim until yesterday. We also didn’t think she’d actually be learning more than the dog crawl. After all, she’s only three. Nobody can imagine how surprised we were when we saw the little girl do what appeared to be her version of the breast stroke, complete with footwork and breathing techniques. Santi just stood there, with his eyes wide-open in utter disbelief. I screamed and hollered like any proud stage momma will do.

My little mermaid

My little mermaid

While all her other swim-mates needed some prodding to finish  the lap, my daughter swam and kicked her merry way to the finish line. And yes she finished first! I haven’t had a prouder day as a mom than yesterday. Now, Santi and I are considering having her continue lessons for as long as she likes. Maybe this is her niche, her sport of choice. Nevermind that she will end up as sun-kissed as a batang Badjao for the rest of the year, if she ends up swimming like one then it’s all good 🙂


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