Posted by: minz | May 23, 2009

Kris is it!

Days after the much-talked about finale that crowned Kris Allen as the newest American Idol, the world is still buzzing about his underdog triumph over the heavily favored Adam Lambert. And it is not without basis, Adam was touted to win it all as early as the Hollywood round, with his mad vocals, showmanship and range reminiscent of Queen’s Freddie Mercury. I , along with millions of AI fans, actually expected him to win. Being a Gokey and Iraheta fan, the finale didn’t mean as much to me apart from catching Black Eyed Peas perform Boom, Boom, Pow.

Half-way through it, however, I had this strange feeling that an upset of sorts was brewing. When Ryan Seacrest finally made the announcement that Kris Allen trumped Adam Lambert, I was nonetheless stupefied ..and pleased. Over the eight seasons I’ve watched AI, I’ve always felt that the show was not about who the best singer is but rather who possessed the potential to become a star. It has always been a search for the freshest talent which is the reason why finalists who had , in the past, released an album were disqualified. American Idol is an amateur singing contest and that was proven yet again when Kris won. Was he the better singer than Adam? Far from it. This is precisely why , to my mind, Adam lost. He was simply too good. Amateur will never be an adjective used to describe him. He’s all pro. Was this the first time in the history of the show that Americans did not vote for the best singer? If my memory serves me right, Jordin Sparks won over Melinda Doolittle in Season Six. Melinda did not even make the finale. Same thing with Taylor Hicks and Katharine Mcphee. America tends to vote for those who were plucked out of obscurity and transform them to success stories. That’s how it went down with Kris. While he was not the most talented, he had the most promise. Adam fans have no reason to fret. Their boy will go places–he already did. In my book, he’s the most powerful singer that AI has ever produced. As for Kris, I will buy his album. He’s a feel-good story. And all of us, from all parts of the world, are suckers for that.

Good Job, Kris! No need to apologize. It’s a win well-deserved.


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