Posted by: minz | May 27, 2009

Gearing up for big school

Alright. Summer is almost over. After our final trip to Calatagan with our friends (and their children) this week-end, it’s officially rainy season. Sofia is back to school. Regularly, this time. The way it’s playing out, it appears that I am more excited about the little girl going to big school than she is. HA!

I had ordered her uniforms last week and they should be ready before the big day, June 17. I also purchased her book and P.E. uniform. One set of jogging pants and t-shirt should be enough for now. I get the feeling that she will outgrow it before the first semester ends. On the book department, I was a bit relieved that Kinder-1 only requires one book which covers the year’s curriculum. I don’t want Sofia to be shell-shocked by the amount of “studying” that she suddenly has to do. Being the youngest in her class at three and a half years old, she is still the baby and will need more time to acclimatize compared to her classmates. Then again, I might be in for another surprise when she starts asking why she only has one book!

Logistically speaking, Santi and I finally decided to get a driver. Sofia and I will ride together in the morning with the driver while Santi picks me up from work in the afternoon. Driver will bring Sofia (and her yaya) home by lunch. This set-up , while causing a bit of a dent in the finances , will prove to be beneficial for the three of us in the long run. Especially for Santi. He can either sleep in or attend his hearings in the morning without having to worry about how his girls can get to Ortigas by 7:45. It is ideal for me, too. I don’t have to drive EVER again (yey!). And  I can attend to my mommy errands without having to bug Santi to drive me (double yey!). I can also go on occasional night-outs  without having to take a cab at 2 in the morning (triple YEY!). This early, I am already giving the thumbs up to our would-be man on the wheel, Michael. God bless his heart.

With all of that taken cared of, I’m preparing for my first ever PTA/Orientation Seminar next week. I can’t believe it. This seals the deal. At 31, I am officially a MUMMY.

PTA meetings, here I come.


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