Posted by: minz | June 1, 2009

Our wet escape to Playa

Before summer bids goodbye to 2009, Santi, Sofia and I along with our friends and their children trooped to Calatagan for our last beach hurrah. To our unpleasant surprise, Mister Sun was a no-show and worse, it felt like a twister was at our coat tails from Manila to Playa, our destination.

As if the rain was not enough,  the wind was unmerciful too. So much for beach weather– storm season came a day early. Refusing to have the horrible weather ruin our plans, we donned our swimsuits and raided the infinity pool instead. The kids couldn’t be bothered. They were  bent on swimming, rain or shine . For our part, we congregated in the jacuzzi portion of the infinity pool and found the warmth of the spring water incredibly comforting. Just like each others’ friendship has been to us ten years and counting.  A decade, imagine that.

girls in the sofa

We can’t deny that much has changed since our freshman year in law school where we all met.  Some of us are parents now, a few are still trying and the rest are married to the profession.

Despite the differences and demands of work, we try to find time to go off on spontaneous trips out-of town or settle for barbeque nights at home. In fact, in celebration of our tenth year of friendship-versary, we are going on a slew of out-of-town trips kicked off by our brief getaway to Calatagan. The next one is scheduled in July (which is also my birthday month) somewhere in Laguna and then in Subic come August. We’re looking at capping it off with a wake-boarding R&R in Camsur. Although that needs more planning, I like our chances 😛


For those of us who have children, these trips give our kids the chance to get to know each other. That is pretty much a must considering that they are god-brothers and god-sisters to each other. My Sofia remains to be the only rose among thorns so I’ve been very vocal to the rest of the gang to please give her a BFF soon. Naturally, she gets bullied by the boys which can’t be totally avoided amongst an army of four-year-olds with a mission to destroy. Good thing Sofia is not a hothead.  Au contraire,  mini-me is cool and composed. Praise God. Otherwise, all hell will break loose in these trips!

we are family

All told, what started as wet and gloomy turned out to be bright and shiny as week-ends spent with family and friends tend to be. But we could use some sun next time. Boy, could we ever!


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