Posted by: minz | June 3, 2009

It’s June and I am a bride-to-be

Next Saturday is a red-letter day for me. After many years of attending bridal fairs, I’m finally participating in one for myself. Bride-to be never sounded this good. Woo hoo.

This bride-to be, however, needs a lot of help.

At this point, the only major decision Santi and I have made is the reception venue. Coconut Palace has always been our unanimous choice. We want sunset, space and fresh air while we dine with our guests. And Coconut Palace likewise offers a lot of possibilities in terms of design. Since  I still don’t have much of a theme, it’s better to play it safe with the reception venue. As regards the church,  we are still duking it out. Santi is partial to Shrine of Jesus beside Mall of Asia. I’ve always liked Sanctuario de San Antonio in Forbes. At least we got it narrowed it down into two. HA!

A few other things I’m sure of are these:

I will walk the aisle with my hair untied. Blown away effect like Mariah Carey:) There is no bridal rule that says all brides should tie their hair in a knot all the time so why should I? If I have to get extensions to make it work, then so be it!

Santi and I will do away with the customary cake-cutting, releasing of doves, and wine-drinking-with- arms-intertwined (seriously? intertwined?). For some reason, I feel that these will not fit me or Santi. Plus, we’ll probably laugh our heads off or worse, cake will probably fall off and the doves won’t fly. Something tragic like that. So we’re sticking to simple toasts made by our best man and maid of honor. I will  consult with the future-events planner on what we can replace these with. Thus, an events planner is number one on my list.

Motif will be wine red. Santi loves red and the color suits me best. My bouquet will carry the reddest roses this side of Manila 🙂

Entourage will be, unavoidably, big, no pun intended. Santi has 4 brothers. I have …tons of BFFs, enough said. We will send them a pre-wedding invite that says, “Will you be my bridesmaid/ groomsman? Love, Mina and Santi”.

Sofia will be the mini-bride. She will wear an exact replica of my gown. Exact. She’ll have her hair flowing on her back, too.

Santi will wear a gray suit (inspired by Papa Ryan). In his case, there is no groom’s rule that states only black or white suits are allowed. Needless to state, this wedding will have its own rules. 🙂

We won’t hold back on pictures. After the whole thing is over, only the pictures will remain. When Santi and I grow old and gray, we’d like to sit on the sofa and go over them,  remembering how beautiful our big day was.

Our wedding song is Sting’s Fields of Gold. It’s my song for Santi, really. I’ll probably be bawling halfway through my march but it has to be sung. Eight years is too long a wait to “walk in fields of gold.”

That’s that for now. Hopefully the fair can provide whatever else I need. I still have roughly 16 months until the big day so I’m up to speed. In the meantime, there must be a way to fit in that gown. Ho-hum.





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