Posted by: minz | June 10, 2009

Hell-o Kindergarten!

After a quick lunch at the mall yesterday, hubby and I began shopping for Sofia’s big-school supplies. And how ridiculously funny we must have looked: Santi in his barong and I in my wrap-around suit, scouring for Dora lunchboxes, Disney Princesses’ school bag and all that jazz.

Anyhow, we ran down our list and were only briefly stalled by a discussion over which lunchbox Sofia would prefer, two-tiered or single. After settling for the latter, we moved on to thermoses and water bottles. We will finish it off with shoe-hunting next week. That will require the little tyke’s foot presence — I don’t want to make a mistake and have to return them later on.What can I say? The  simple joys of parenthood.

Getting Sofia ready for school feels like getting prepped for the bar exams, at least for me and Santi. Even more nerve-wracking was the PTA/Orientation Seminar we attended last week.

For half a day, we were in a roomful of overzealous parents (Mom-zillas?) who questioned everything, from how many extra-shirts our children need to bring everyday or how many steps from the gate can our yayas bring the kiddies to. Aak. Santi wanted to tap every hyperventilating mom’s  shoulder and say, “Relax. Our kids will survive kindergarten”. Hahaha.

I don’t know but I love being a Mom. I might not be as obsessively-compulsive or possessive as other moms are but I am fiercely, fiercely determined to be good at motherhood. And this pre-school thing, I aim to ace it. Step one is done. Sofia is a few steps from my office. I can whistle and she will hear me. Step two is in the works. Nice and sturdy black shoes. I swear, the trick lies in the footwear.  Step three, chill. I’ve got a smart and street-smart daughter which is why I have full faith she will take K-1 by storm.

No need to hyperventilate. Yet. 😛


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