Posted by: minz | June 11, 2009

Red Sox, Black Wedding and thoughtless blogging

As I speak, my Yanks are trailing Boston by one run in the ninth inning. So as to keep my mind off the game and my hands from shaking (I can’t believe we have been shut out by them Sox this season!), I’ll succumb to thoughtless blogging and just write about the birds and the bees. Ahh. This is killing me. C’mon braincells, give me something here.

My wedding. Yes. That should settle me down, no pun intended. I’ve been wracking my brains for a theme that would fit mine and Santi’s personalities. It was for this reason that I was getting ready for the bridal fair at World Trade this week-end. Little did I know,  a night-out with my lesbian friends is all I needed.

 It started with asking one of them to be my bridesmaid which of, course, was met with violent reactions. I should have known better than to ask M to wear a gown. That is tantamount to asking her to walk naked in my wedding. She begged to wear a suit and promised to do it justice by losing weight.  Since then, I’ve decided to let her off the hook and be my Man-of-Honor instead. Something I have yet to tell her only because I’m still enjoying her misery. HA.

While hearing out all of their arguments in defense of M’s case, another one of them suggested that since it is looking to be a non-traditional wedding, why not do it all the way and go for a Black Wedding? I have to say that I felt electricity run through me at the thought of it. You know how it is when you have a eureka moment? Or you find the perfect pair of shoes?  That’s how it was for me. I had found our theme.

When I got home, I immediately googled “Black weddings” and saw Jay’s (Kamikaze lead singer) and Sarah Abad’s wedding. It was awesome. All of the guests were in black, leaving the bride resplendent in white. That’s as far as I’m willing to go, though. Being in the rock industry, the couple opted to hold their reception in Paco CEMETERY! I doubt if my parents, specifically Boy P, would eat in the middle of tombstones and graves.Except for that, Santi and I are in all cylinders with a black wedding.I’m sure the rest of our entourage would be over the moon, too. Everyone will look classy, sleek and THIN. 

Now that the theme is in the bag, I think the rest of the planning will follow suit. I already have an events planner to meet. I’m hoping that hiring it will fit my budget so that I can go ahead with booking the church and reception venue. That’s all for now. Ninth inning over.

Back to baseball reality, Yanks lost.Again. Can’t have it all now, can we?


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