Posted by: minz | June 13, 2009

5 things to be happy about

1. Staffhouses that the company so generously offers for free to us employees and our families. We’re loving our independence day get-away here in Windy Subic!

2. Rain. Despite the traffic that it inevitably causes, I love rain. I will not trade it for hail,snow or whatever else that doesn’t fall here in this country. Rain has its way of cleansing everything, making it fresh and new again.

3. ESPN, Balls, Solar and Star Sports. Just lately, Santi and I realized that we are not merely sports fans. SPORTS GEEKS are what we are. There is no sport that is too alien or unwatchable for us. Even cricket is fair game. Thank goodness for sports channels that give us our daily fix of games to watch and tournaments to look out for. Wimbledon is next and we simply can’t wait.

4. Music 88 in Bluewave. The newest and hippest karaoke joint in the city. The default watering hole of my L-world. Singing is for me is a gift and I’m glad I can hold a tune and have friends (and a husband!) who share my passion. Videoke na:)

5. A happy and mabait daughter. Really, she is a sweet heart. When I gave birth to her I prayed that she takes after her Dad more than…you know.. me. I think I got my wish. She hasn’t given me trouble, or anything close to it,  that I can’t deal with. And at three, she’s perfected the art of saying sorry.Thank you, Lord.


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