Posted by: minz | July 2, 2009

Heading off to a holiday

Bags are packed and we are hours from catching our 7:30 flight to Macau. I’m trying to switch on to holiday mode and leave all of  my worries behind. After a year of working without any legitimate R and R, I’m about an inch close to burn-out so I hereby declare that I deserve this Macanese birthday week-end. But before I could even start to pack my bags, last minute concerns just had to creep up on me. I finished a couple of reports in the nick of time. Turned on my out-of-office email and happily left my desk.

When I got home, I was bombarded with association concerns that fell into my lap a week ago. I was elected into the Board of Directors and before I knew it , I was its Corporate Secretary. Little did I know that it had the potential to take up most of my precious time. I’m churning out letters of water disconnection DAILY. Getting into screaming matches with delinquent unit owners who think they can choose NOT to pay their dues and expect water when they shower. A few hours ago, I lost it with one who started cussing because we decided not to give her clearance for incurring hundreds of thousands in association dues. Crazy woman sold her house to a hapless Korean who now can’t transfer the papers to his name because we had  an adverse claim annotated on it. Crazy woman chose to cuss me out and paid dearly for it. Told her to lawyer up and we’ll see her in court. Bruhang yun.

I am not complaining because for the first time in a long while, I am actually enjoying something that  is entirely for my account. I have yet to be paid for this–but a move to give us directors per diem is already on the works. I like it because, for once, I don’t get to ask help from Santi. He’s getting a kick out of seeing me raise corporate hell all on my own. It’s like I have a mini-firm at home. I have already started to brush up on my very rusty corporation law  in preparation for a slew of board resolutions I’m raring to draft and meetings to attend. On the financial upside, I’m bound to finagle a few unit-owners as clients. Not bad, huh? So I guess this is my first ever retainer. Hooray to Minz!

Then again, I’m leaving all of these now and spend some quality time with Santi and Sofia. If I have anything of real value in this life, it would be them. So later , labor reports and delinquent unit-owners! Atty. Mina is checking out. Babushk!


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