Posted by: minz | July 5, 2009

Dear Belekoy,

First of, before you accuse anyone of not caring enough for Lambda, you should have at least left your own name instead of a pseudonym—what is there to hide from if you mean well?

Secondly, I had posted that entry in response to pictures posted in facebook that nobody had the balls to comment on–I certainly did not see “belekoy” write the owner of the pictures a loveletter. So instead of wreaking havoc in that network, I chose to write my thoughts here. In my blog. where I have written for the past 4 years.

Thirdly, don’t drag Santi into this nor question his loyalty to this fraternity. My husband has nothing to prove–he is a fratman through and through. So please do not even mention his name here or anywhere else. This is all on me– I choose to keep a corner in the blogosphere where I am free to express my thoughts save only for violations of our libel laws. Is there anything libelous here?

Fourthly, I’d like to see my brods rise above this and emerge stronger after the whole thing has blown over. But guess what? I’m quite certain that will not happen if nobody raises a hoot—facebook pictures? Comments? None.

So please, Belekoy. You are barking at the wrong tree. This blog did not initiate it. I was poked so I poked back. I’m a RHOAN after all.


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