Posted by: minz | July 10, 2009

Back to earth, hay.

Since the Belekoy episode is (hopefully?) over (why do I get the feeling that my life is now divided into pre-Belekoy and post-Belekoy ?) , I’m back to work, tons of it. I’m trying to get it all done before it morphs into a Belekoy este a mountain of dues that will rob me off precious boxing time.

Yep, I will start boxing again after four years. Santi and I have put a moratorium on travel and it will be all about the wedding from here on out. I’ve convinced him to take up the sport as well. It is not as if I’m the only one who needs to melt fat in this house 😛

The little tyke is also back to school after a brief disruption that the the dreaded swine flu has caused. I’ve this nagging feeling, call it a conspiracy theory, that WHO or whoever is in charge of disseminating information about this flu is not telling the truth. Is it really that deadly? Doesn’t it really have a vaccine? Hmm. I have my doubts. Meantime, thermometers and hand sanitizers have become fashion fads. And it now takes me forever to get in an elevator to get to anywhere!

That’s all for now. Have to wake up Santi who is still in China. It’s an hour before 8 and I’ve been late too many times this month. Aww!


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