Posted by: minz | July 11, 2009

Kids say the darnedest things

And my Sofia is no exception. If I compile all her “quotable quotes”, I’d have enough to publish a book! Aside from cracking me up at every instance, Sofia and her quips remind of the best things about being a kid. Children can take things at face value and still make a lot of sense. They know AWESOME when they see it. And they enjoy life without any excuses.

Until Sofia’s book comes out, Mommy’s blog will have to do.

Here are some of the latest from my princess of wit:)

While sitting on my lap in a Macanese cab:

Sofia: “Mom, he (driver) is driving with eyes closed!”

Me: Singkit cya , anak, singkit! (He’s just chinky eyed, baby!)

On the morning of my most recent birthday:

Sofia: What gift do you like, Mom?

Me: You’re my best gift, babe!

Sofia (exasperated): “Take a look at me, I am NOT a gift!”

Just today, at the sight of a bunch of kitties:

Sofia: ” Look, Mom, the cats are meow-king!”

Me: Fits of laughter!


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