Posted by: minz | July 15, 2009

Irony of all Ironies.

I can count in one hand things that I never thought would happen to me.

Become a size six (though I will never give up trying).

Get pregnant before getting married (we all know what happened to THAT).

Get sued.

I guess the last one was due.

I received my first ever summons today and I didn’t know what I wanted  to do first– laugh or curse out loud.  Wilhelmina Prado-Soriano,respondent. Damn. That’s a far cry from Wilhelmina Prado Soriano, counsel for the plaintiff. hahaha.

At least it’s a civil case and not criminal, I told myself. Consuelo de bobo sa isang taong nahabla at in denial pa. I’m too tired from talking about the merits of the case with Santi. So I’d get into it in detail the next time.Oops maybe not since it’s already sub judice 🙂

I just had to put it out here. Moral of the story– Never say never. Ever.


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