Posted by: minz | July 26, 2009

Everything comes into a halt

I want to rejoice because it looks like the case filed against me will be thrown into the garbage by the judge. Or because C is  flying home in a couple of days and I missed her. Or because the Yankees have won 8th straight since the All-star break.

I want to get on with the last few pleadings I have left before the mid-year lawyers’ meeting comes up. Or give my bosses a piece of my mind in hopes that they’ll stop shooting unpleasant e-mails to each other, BCCied to me.(why they do is mystery to me)

I want to start with boxing lessons since I finally own a pair of gloves and hand-wraps fresh from Toby’s.

I want to do all these but I can’t.

Sofia will have her tooth extracted tomorrow and my world stops. She’s too young to be sedated. And too young for any kind of pain. It’s just not fair.In short, I’m in mummy mode. Inconsolable, angry, worried-sick MOM. So there. Nothing matters today or tomorrow until that blasted tooth is out.


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