Posted by: minz | August 9, 2009


Whew. What a hectic, tiring but fun week-end that was. How I (along with a couple of girlfriends) were able to plan and execute a joint birthday party celebration  in less than  day is completely beyond me. For the most part of the week, I was enveloped in a cloud of gloom after Tita Cory’s passing. It came to a point that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to push through with the party but didn’t want to bail on my other two fabulous celebrants.

So “thirsty-something” came to be on a rainy, Friday night. And I’m glad it happened!


We did not agree on any theme but  “thirty-something” somehow cropped up during our planning sessions and it stuck. Okay fine, maybe because the three of us are in our early thirties and are seeing the first signs of crows’ feet. It would be fair to say that we wanted to celebrate (not the crows’ feet) the fact that despite the newest lines on our faces, we are comfortable of what we have achieved and are still looking forward to what the rest of our thirties have in store for us. We still thirst for more.

As for me, I’m happy that everyday I discover  little things that make life for a 32-year old woman FUN and EXCITING.

IMG_2456 Like Estrel’s caramel cake gifted to us by our guests. Not too sugary like Red Ribbon’s or Goldilocks. No guilt feelings whatsoever. It’s just right.

Charles and Keith is another. Because I can’t exactly afford to splurge on  Nine Wests or Naturalizers every week, I tried this Singaporean brand to see if it can provide the comfort that my feet need at a more reasonable cost. It did! Now I’m a happy camper in the shoe department. A woman can never have too many shoes, that’s just what I  think. Anyhow, I’m drifting.

Thirsty-something was a blast. We were able to keep the whole restaurant (kudos to Station 2!) all to ourselves and our guests for a pittance, really.   A live band kept us entertained and even obliged our jammers (myself included) to steal the mic a few times. The food was delicious and the servings were spot-on. There were hardly any left-overs after. More importantly, many of our invitees came. Some of them were friends I haven’t seen in a long while and it was great to have been able to catch up with them after all this time.We talked about things that were excusable when we were in our twenties but are now no-no’s. Like wearing  a red mini-skirt at this age is probably something that requires a lot of foresight. Not that it matters to me, I don’t do skirts 🙂

Comfort. I guess that’s what I love about being 32. I’m comfortable with what I am. I’m cool with the things I have. Or things I don’t. Friends I keep and those I didn’t. I’ve become more accepting of ..everything that happens or do not happen for that matter. I’ve learned to keep steady. And for someone who probably has ADHD like I think I do, that’s something to be thankful for.


  1. mag kanu poh bah tanung kuh poh…
    ksi bibili poh aq..

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