Posted by: minz | August 12, 2009

Follie de GMA

Ever since someyougiveaway came about, I quietly resolved to veer away from writing about my political opinions as they tend to be radical and will no doubt shock  many who happen to find their way here. But I guess there’s always a first time, that one which broke the camel’s back, so to speak. In my case, it had to be Gloria.

And her $20,000 dinner at New York’s poshest restaurant, Le Cirque.( Maybe because I’m a foodie that anything about eating perks up my interest). GMA has received a lot of flack for racking up a milli0n-peso dinner tab when more than half of the country’s population go hungry everyday. In her defense, her supporters contend that a lot of well-to-do Filipinos also spend thoughtlessly on good food in local restaurants and five-star hotels and that those who don’t may cast the first stone.

 I guess this got my goat. Not that I am well-to-do or nor do I frequent five-star hotels to dine, I wish. But because GMA’s mouthpieces choose to ignore the fact that she is President to a third-world country, a public officer whose income is required to made public because she is a public figure who has access  over public funds.And she presumably made that trip to see Obama for more than a photo-op. (Read: financial aid) Now, when she and her 50-strong entourage threw a million pesos on fine wine and caviar, it was so tasteless that New York Post reported it the next day.

GMA’s ardent supporters will do well to note that regular Filipino families who celebrate in, say, Sofitel with a P20,000 dinner are not in the same boat with Madame President. We are not public figures whose where-abouts land us in Time magazine. We are not public officers required to declare our SALs. Nor do we hobnob with rich congressmen like Martin Romualdez who allegedly footed the bill. (Same difference, the congressman being a public officer is not immune to lifestyle checks.)

And lastly but definitely not the least,

 P20,000 is not $20,000. C’mon.



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