Posted by: minz | August 13, 2009

Job offers, Job referrals,

I’m sitting in from of my computer trying very hard not to scream out all the pent-up feelings I’ve harbored this whole week. It didn’t start very well which I should have taken as a sign of how difficult the next days will be. I missed an MR deadline by 10 days. Totally slipped my mind. The case folder was buried underneath the newer ones that followed. But I should really not offer any excuses , it was my fault. As always, Santi came to my rescue. He rang up some friends who helped me work it out. Somehow, it was filed.

Just as I was thanking heavens for that little miracle, I received a piece of not-so-good news. We recently opened a lawyer position in the department and the staff intimated that the bosses preferred a male lawyer this time. I referred a friend who has been in dire need of a this kind of job given his deteriorating finances. I wanted to help him pay out loans borne out of being his family’s bread winner. I told all my other friends who were interested to give way just for this time, especially the girls. This morning I was informed  that the boss was impressed by an interview of a female applicant. I couldn’t hide my disappointment. Not so much because my friend was not chosen (they haven’t chosen anybody) but because they were open to female lawyers after all. E di sana nag -refer din ako di ba? Santi said I’m taking this job referrals too seriously, losing sleep and energy  over it. I just want to help.

Finally, Santi and I (well it’s more of myself mulling about it) are in the crossroads over his very own job offer from a friend in a certain Bureau of the government. Offer is good. Chief of Staff. Package can’t be more enticing. But Santi does not want it. I know that I struck gold when I married a very honorable man who stands by his principles. That’s just how Santi is made. And he feels that his ideals as a lawyer,as a person will be compromised if he accepts this job. He says I shouldn’t even give it a thought since it’s never going to happen. I simply want him to consider other options because I feel, as a wife, that he doesn’t get what he deserves at his current workplace. That’s all.



  1. Good Luck in the job search of your friends! 🙂

    Best wishes from a staff of

  2. Thanks, Chen. No intention on stealing Jobstreet’s thunder:)

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