Posted by: minz | August 18, 2009

Going to have a ball :)

I’m looking for something to wear for the Lambda anniversary on Sunday. The attire is “semi-formal to formal” which means anything goes. For some reason, I’m more inclined to showing up in slacks and a top than a long-flowing gown like last year’s. I’ll probably just wear a pair of fab stilettos to keep it spunky. Though the plan is to keep it simple, I don’t want to look drab and boring.

Oops, before I get carried away, am I allowed to write about WHAT I AM GOING TO WEAR TO THE LAMBDA PARTY HERE? WILL I EARN THE IRE OF MIGHTY BELEKOY YET AGAIN?

Lest I’d be admonished anonymously again,  I’ll end by saying this: I’m happy with the turn of events , with how everything was handled and how some people are now bearing the brunt of their foolish decisions.

And while I want to go on and on about it, I choose to be a dutiful wife to Santi and just smile and let it be.

At least ako makaka-attend sa anniversary, ang iba hinde. Sorry.


  1. uy, di mo ako na-update.. ano na nga pala nangyari dun?

  2. write you a letter te! after the anniv para kumpleto:)

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