Posted by: minz | August 18, 2009

Playing the part of a PTA Mum

I have less than half an hour to meet Sofia in school and attend her Linggo ng Wika Pistahan sa Poveda. I just came from a breakfast meeting with PTA mums who were also waiting for our girls’ 10:35 dismissal. If you knew me, you’d wonder how I’d survive chatting about bags, malls and grocery-shopping with anybody. I was never the kikay type. But surprisingly, I endured (with flying colors) two hours of “consumer” chatting with my co-moms. It wasn’t as tedious as I expected. Mums have ways of subsisting in the name of their children. And I’d like to think I’m getting the hang of “subsisting”

Anyhow, I wanted to get to know the parents of Sofia’s classmates and find out how they deal with Poveda’s  schedule of activities both for us parents and our daughters. I told them that if I had three Sofias (some of them do!), I wouldn’t know which to attend! There are simply too many. But I have no reason to complain, it is what Santi and I wanted for the little girl. We envisioned her participating in activities that she likes, whether it be just playing with her classmates or taking up hobbies like dancing (she’s in the Dance Club, goodness knows how she got into that) this semester. Poveda offers a variety of activities to choose from like piano, violin, taekwondo and swimming lessons. The stage-momma in me want her to try everything. But of course, I let her choose.

The school also sponsors Pixar movie premieres like “Up” and stage-plays like “Jack in the Beanstalk”. For parents, we are regularly invited to seminars and talks that center on child-rearing which I find very helpful to first-time parents like Santi and me. The class advisor keeps us updated through the yellow book with the events’ schedule so that we wouldn’t miss anything we signed up for. Our Class Parent Representative Paola (who is also a batchmate of mine in Ateneo, small world!) send us regular text reminders of the next event, show, talk or party. We are preparing for K-1 Fatima’ s Acquaintance Party next month at  Mcdonalds El Pueblo.  Hannah Montana is our theme 🙂

Although I still feel I’m worlds apart from my co-moms since most of them are stay-home moms, I’m happy to have had the pleasure of mingling with them. They make careers out of raising children. Amazing is what they are. It would do me well to pick up a tip or two about parenthood from these women.

And , boy, they do have nice bags.  



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