Posted by: minz | August 20, 2009

And I love you so…

With a stroke of luck and a bit of charm, I was able to persuade Santi to watch the newest Star Cinema movie with me. I’ve to admit that I wasn’t too keen on the Bea Alonzo and Sam Milby team-up, but because Kris Aquino heaped praises on their effort in this movie, I thought I’d give it a chance. Bea, as usual, was in her element.  (And she lost a lot of her baby fat, too!) I think she is the most significant actress of her generation. As for Sam, he has improved but still very far from the likes of Piolo Pascual or even Richard Gutierrez. To my mind, he has to polish his Tagalog before he can turn in an award-winning performance. (No offense to Samsters out there!)

Without getting into the details of the story (I’m no Butch Francisco), I loved the theme. Loving again after not just an ordinary heartbreak, but after a death of a loved-one. It was tough to swallow. I almost wanted to walk out of the cinema because a ball of tears was stuck in my throat. Having Santi beside me made it worst because I can’t imagine going about life without him.Call it cheesy, parmesan, whatever. It’s true. One does not need to be married to experience the pain of a loss that death brings.

I liked the part when Bea’s character was drinking herself to oblivion, ruing over why , after only five months of marital bliss, her husband was taken away. It made me me ponder about that thought: Who hurts more? Wives who had a lifetime with their husbands before Joe Black came along or those like Lara (Bea’s character) who was given only five short months with the love of her life?

I have yet to come up with an answer. Santi does not bother to assuage my fears because he’d prefer going first convinced that his wife is stronger than he can ever be. And should have a better chance of moving on than him. (He says this with the most serious , professor-like delivery, I was waiting for the power-point!) While he would be the worst widower in the face of this earth, so he says. Aww I love my Santi!

For all of you who have no solid plans this week-end, this is guaranteed to be worth your two hours. Bring your hubby, boyfriend, would-be boyfriend 🙂 It’s a movie-goer’s pleasure!


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