Posted by: minz | August 24, 2009


So I wore a gown after all. I realized it was harder to come up with a “simple”outfit than anything else so I gave up trying. The “black dress” came in handy once again, this time to Lambda’s 38th anniversary.


In my nine years as a Sigman, I had probably missed only two anniversary parties. One was when Santi and I were “off” as a couple (yes, that famous break-up) and the other was during my hiatus in New York. Apart from that, you can say that I am a serial  Lambda anniversary-party goer. I was just telling my friend and sis, Bebang, the other  day why I think I am this die-hard. I can only think of one reason. There are many things in my life that I was born into. Being a Filipino was one. Being a Prado was another. Even being inducted to the IBP was a choice I did not make–I had to be part of that group as condition precedent for practicing my profession. Even passing the bar was divine intervention, if you knew me and my study habits! It’s not to say that I am less proud of these “memberships”,  truly I am. I’m just saying that I had no hand , absolutely none, in belonging to my country , family or profession.


On the other hand, being a Rhoan is something I chose. Unconditionally, wholeheartedly and painstakingly. If only for these, I hold it close to my heart. And I know that I will honor my being its member for as long as I breathe. Reading this entry from the top, it now dawned on me that I can’t go on with what I had originally intended to write about this year’s celebration without ruining it. In the same manner that some who did not see it fit to value their “membership” tried to ruin the night. So I’ll end by saying that I’m lucky to be a Rhoan. I’m lucky to know that I am lucky. And I am lucky to be sure that the door to the most exalted sorority will never be slammed on my face.


For the Lambda Rho Sigma, the best!


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