Posted by: minz | August 31, 2009

Chef Tony’s caramel popcorn on the Up and Up!

Another long week-end is over and we thought best to just stay home this time around. Santi was looking forward to catching G-force, Pixar’s latest summer movie but after some googling, we learned that it won’t be out until next month. Last week-end, we had a fun time watching Up and I just realized how animated movies in Sofia’s generation tend to be more..serious and thought-provoking. Whatever happened to Beauty and the Beast and Lion King? Not that I’m complaining, maybe I’m just a bit more sentimental now that I’m a mother. Every scene transforms into a kleenex moment as far as I’m concerned.

While I was busy grabbing the kleenex, the two S’s dug into a tub of Chef Tony’s caramel popcorn. Sofia has taken a liking on “sweet” popcorn lately and she can smell it from a mile away. IMG_2602

That is probably the reason why she now has no front teeth and is poised to lose more in the next months. And at the rate Pixar is churning out these summer movies, goodbye milk-teeth!



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