Posted by: minz | September 2, 2009

I hate goodbyes.

In the workplace especially. Aside from our families, we spend the most time with people at work which makes parting with them or them with us doubly hard. I’m not very good at it, too. So last Friday, when two of my office-mates worked their last day at the department, I waved a casual  “see-you-later” and went off to a hearing. Today I stared at their empty desks and felt guilty for not saying goodbye properly. But is there such thing?  Proper way to say goodbye?

Before I can even feel their departure, another co-lawyer informed the boss’s secretary of his intention to resign. Once again , I feel disheartened. To think that I’ve only spent a year in the job, it already seems like I’ve sat in my desk forever. Now I’ve to move to the room next to my cubicle about to be vacated by the latest “deserter.”

This along with the more important repercussions of their departure on my status here, having to move up  the ladder faster than I thought or even expected. As it stands right now, after their resignations, I became third-in-line to the boss. And I’m just 32. How is that possible? Just as I am bad with goodbyes, I don’t take promotions (or anything that connotes more work) too well. Even it means more pay. I value other special things in my life too much to bite more than what I can chew in the workplace.

But I’m overthinking when all that I am right now is sad. It’s true what they say, all things shall come to pass. And that includes people. And I’m a sentimental schmuck.


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