Posted by: minz | September 15, 2009

Kim Clijsters, Mom and tennis champion

I’m an avid tennis fan and a rabid one of Rafael Nadal. I used to follow (with the same tenacity) the great Steffi Graf. I thought she brought women’s tennis to the highest level with her winning ways,  22  (if I remember it right) grand slams  and an Olympic gold in 1988. Her retirement in the late 90’s left a void in women’s Open tennis. Since then,  it seems like no one has dominated the sport or competed the way Steffi did.

Case in point. As I write, the world’s number one, Dinara Safina, has yet to win her first slam. (Thought that is not the poor kid’s fault more than it is of the ATP’s way of calculating points.) At any rate, that is the point exactly. Women’s tennis needed more oomph, more inspiration and I think Kim Clijsters’ comeback win at the U.S. Open provided that much needed boost. Now, fans like me have more reason to follow the tour 🙂


The fact that she has just given birth to her little one, Jada, just 18 months ago gave it more meaning. She joined the U.S. Open as a wild-card entry and never expected to get pass the initial rounds. She merely wanted to get the feel of competing again having gone into retirement in 2005.

 As a Mom, I can relate to how tough it for us to get back: In shape (goodness), to work, to whatever it is we were doing before we got pregnant. Some moms never get back to their life’s work. 

Kim’s victory is a testament to the resilience, inner courage and rugged persistence that mothers have.  What a comeback! What a Mom!

Good going Kim! I can hear Number One calling!


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