Posted by: minz | September 15, 2009


I don’t know why there should even be a  lengthy discourse about this. And why Conrado De Quiros has to come up with his best editorials to push forward this candidacy. Even Star’s Alex Magno came up with his “Game Changer” series to explicitate why the “rules of the game” has changed. (To this, I beg to disagree, the rules never changed, it’s just that the players ceased to follow them).

In this coming elections, my family and I will vote for Noynoy Aquino because in serving the public, integrity is the bare minimum.

And casting one’s vote for the right person is much like doing the right thing, you don’t have to defend it until your arteries pop. For this reason, I scoff at how the administration posits that this election is not about Good vs. Evil.

In response, I concur with Mr. De Quiros.

It’s always been about Good vs. Evil.   And that makes this choice a no-brainer.


Noynoy for President!


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