Posted by: minz | September 17, 2009

The Matchmaker

Many years back, I was in a relationship with someone else when I entered Lambda and met Santi. Me being a city girl and him a veritable “promdi” (from the province), I couldn’t figure out why my new-found brods and sisses were convinced that we would click and collectively summoned their matchmaking skills to hook us up. Santi and I are the proverbial “oil and water”. Aside from fraternal ties, we had nothing, as in zip, in common. And worse. We were like the characters in Hancock. Anytime we get together, a volcano erupts or something. I mean, if I can be very honest, I never thought we stood a chance.

But here we are.

Not too belittle our own gargantuan efforts as a couple (especially Santi’s), I’ve always known that if our friends did not see a glimmer of hope then, there’d be no “us”.

This is why I wish I’d tried harder with a couple of friends. Dear friends whose stars , I feel, are aligned but are just too stubborn to see it. Harder as it was for them to be together, it’s virtually impossible to stay apart. Knowing this, I wish I had pulled all the stops. Pestered them more. Trapped them in an empty farm lot without cars and cellphones, just themselves. Maybe if I did, theirs would be a happily ever after. And not miserably attempting  to have that happily-ever-after with someone else.

Or maybe it’s just me. My hopeless romantic self. That part which believes in fate and second chances. At least no one can say that I’m a fool to think such things exist, not when Santi and I came to be in exactly that way.



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