Posted by: minz | September 19, 2009

Prepping for the 4th

I’m in the thick of preparations for Sofia’s 4th birthday coming this November. Owing to the family’s self-imposed travel moratorium, we chose to give the little girl a small party to celebrate her day. I went to Shakey’s El Pueblo this morning and reserved their function room for the big day. I’m not too excited about the restaurant’s theme choices so it will probably be a toss-up between Dora the Explorer and Hannah Montana. Shakey’s does not allow other mascots aside from their own so I’m a bit disappointed about that. To make up for the lack of mascot, they allowed me to install a photo booth where the guests can have their pictures taken with on-the-spot printing. This seems to be a fad with weddings and parties lately and I think it might be fun to give it a try.

Looking at it now on paper, what appears to be a “simple” party is looking to be a complicated one:) As usual. I will forever have trouble in keeping things simple for Sofia. I always want what’s best for her or if that’s not possible, the best that I can give. If you are a parent, it’s not easy to say when enough is enough. Especially when I never had these things (themed parties) when I was a kid.But even then, I always felt that my parents gave their best to me. That’s what I’d like Sofia to feel. That she has the best of me and her dad. Even it means scouring all over Divisoria for loot bags and party favors, so be it. That’s the part of being a Mom I like anyway. Planning trips and birthdays. Taking pictures and documenting our adventures as a family.


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