Posted by: minz | October 6, 2009

“Where I am from , everyone is a hero”

How does one tell a story of a perfect storm that wrought so much pain and loss to one’s home? Are there words to describe the misery that came with the flood that swept everything away in one fell swoop? And when I say home, I don’t mean that little house Santi and I made or that one in BF where I spent most of my childhood.

I mean, Manila. My home. Our city that was ravaged by “Ondoy”, an unassuming tropical storm which ironically but wretchedly brought the heaviest rainfall to the country in 30 years. In a blink of an eye, people scampered like rats as flood waters entered houses, buildings, bridges. Everywhere we looked, there was water.

And everywhere we looked, there was death.

I know that my family is one of the lucky ones. Save for a few days without power and internet, we lost nothing.

When some lost all the members of their families and most, their homes. It took me a week to let it sink in, the magnitude of their loss and how waking up in this city will never be the same. Now each time the rain falls, I find myself asking if it will be worse than Ondoy. Or if we’d live through it.

Despite this, I know one thing is true. I’d choose live nowhere else but here.

This is a nation where , in a matter of hours, citizens donated everything they could, kitchen sink and all, to relief drives. This is where people braved the tide and swam, surfed, jet-skied, speed-boated to the rescue of neighbors stuck on top of their roofs.This is where employers, like my very own, opened their compounds to accommodate employees who survived  the storm. Fed, clothed and nursed them back to health. This is where people risked their lives to save complete strangers.

This is a country, this is a city, where everywhere you look , there’s a hero.



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