Posted by: minz | October 10, 2009

This wedding is a go!

So we finally reserved Coconut Palace today, as planned.October came swiftly that we didn’t even notice it at all. (Or maybe our September took the wind out of our sails! We are still reeling from twin-storms Ondoy and Pepeng).

On the way to our reception venue of choice, Santi and I were still debating over what date we’d reserve it for. I just realized how hard it is to ensure that the church and reception are available on one’s wedding day. It’s a juggling act! I’m still looking for a church. Since we couldn’t have our first choice , Our Lady of Montserrat (San Beda Church) which does not celebrate weddings anymore,  we’re finding it tough to settle for any other. San Beda is the sentimental choice. That’s where we met. (In fact, if the good Benedictine brothers allow us, we’d be delighted to have our pre-nuptial photos taken there. ) But as of now, the church bit is still problematic. Sigh.

So this week I opted to sort out suppliers , from photographers to videographers, checking out their availability.I’ve decided on some must-haves like Hizon’s for the food, and MangoRed for the photos. Never mind that  they will take up half of my  budget, good food and and beautiful pictures top our list of priorities. I haven’t even given much thought on my gown. No idea whatsoever on how it should look like. I figure it’s not the dress but the one wearing it that matters. Meaning, this bride here has to lose half of herself , pronto! So the gown (and the designer) will have to wait. Like six more months, HA!

As I was saying, it was only when we arrived in Coconut Palace that Santi and I decided on a date:10/30/10. Wee! It’s two days from our original civil wedding anniversary which suits Santi fine because he doesn’t want to remember too many dates. Men and anniversaries.Now, he has no reason to forget all forthcoming Octobers!

Anyhow,I felt a tinge , actually not a tinge, but more of an overwhelming rush of excitement when I signed that contract with Coconut Palace. It’s finally coming true. Our dream wedding. After five years of excruciating wait, we’re doing it. And it becomes more meaningful for a couple like us who had a baby first, built a home next before getting married. What can I say? Normal will never be a word to describe Santi and me. At least, by virtue of the fact that we’d been husband and wife for years, we can actually have fun on our wedding:)  That is the plan.

We’re attending Hizon’s food-tasting tomorrow and this early, I’ve to send all my warmest thanks to them for giving us the best upgrades.Dessert bar, Pasta bar, sushi bar and chocolate fountain for FREE. It’s only now that I fathom what other brides mean when they say:BOOK EARLY! It pays. Really. Now, I’m hoping that I strike a bit of luck when I book MangoRed by the end of this month.

But for now, I’m savoring my little success with the reception venue and caterer reservations.

Here is an evening shot of Coconut Palace’s poolside.

I can’t wait for my turn! I just can’t! 🙂

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